Mea Culpa

Meeting 2016-11-27

Recorder: Gregory


We resolved to cancel game on December 24.

Meeting Minutes Posting

We resolved that the volunteer recorder for a meeting should post the minutes by the end of the weekend containing the meeting. Other attendees are encouraged to remind recorders if it’s not done.

Galactic Economics

We discussed possibilities for economic systems in the setting.

Galactic-Level Economics

  • There is no uniform Network-wide currency; governments and equivalent entities make deals on a case-by-case basis (or an ongoing basis between two or more frequent trading partners).
  • Narrators are welcome to make things up as appropriate for story.
  • There are certain accords within the Network involving particularly dangerous trade: weapons of mass destruction, totalitarian mind control, and so on. What exactly is contraband isn’t well-defined, and enforcement is unreliable. When punishment does occur, it’s by races and entities of overwhelming power.

Individual Entities’ Economies

  • Humans/Engines: a socialist/communist work credit system under a command economy; the Engines manage resources to avoid extreme shortages.
  • Coil: a reputation-based economy where people seem to understand who “deserves” resources; backed by Coil instincts and cultural conventions that outsiders have trouble figuring out. The Coil claim that it’s advanced economic theory but there’s no good place to learn it in the Solar system. Aliens have been known to learn it in the Coil home system.

Mea Culpa’s Economy

  • The basic needs of authorized residents are met: simple, palatable food; lodging; oxygen, water, and other metabolic inputs; basic news and entertainment media.
  • Members of the SysOps, the Institute, and official government representatives are automatically authorized as residents. Anyone not in those groups requires sponsorship from someone in those groups, and sponsorships are limited by available station resources.
  • Residents receive a stipend of Apologies, a currency used to acquire things from station systems that go beyond basic needs (such as donuts). Apologies are tracked by the station and used as a trade currency among businesses on the station.
  • People on the station without authorized residency are helped to find sponsorship by SysOps. If they are unable or unwilling to find sponsorship and can be caught, they will eventually be forcibly exiled in as safe a way as possible (although accidents and cruelty can occur). Some people manage to stay on the station without sponsorship indefinitely.

Post-Scarcity Economy

  • Labor scarcity is helped by automated but not intelligent robot systems. Labor scarcity in places with open trade, like Mea Culpa, is handled mostly through the Network. With the infinite diversity of life, you can find someone to competently administer your sewer systems.
  • Resource economy is more volatile. Shortages in a substance are mostly handled through the gray market on a case-by-case basis, but sometimes there are widespread shortages in a place.

Rules to Review and Revise

  • Defenses being always boosted feels very strong.
  • We’d like a way to have long-term consequences (beyond a scene or a game).
  • We’d like clarification around narrative powers (Incorruptible, Silver Tongue) that might look like attacks.
  • We will review and better-codify Edges .

Story Notes

  • “Hydra” (complex) plots are fine as long as the Narrator for them communicates about their complexity and status.
  • As justification for the player characters being involved in stories, they’ve developed a reputation for problem-solving; the bartender at the bar is a sort of information broker that will point people their way.
  • We’re welcome to put in Story Seeds that are specific to our characters (a request to be hit with a certain sort of plot).

Plots for 2016-12-10

  • Ben will finish his Halloween plot
  • Gregory may have a short actiony plot
  • Lissa has a soft plot
  • Lucy may have an investigative plot

Agenda for 2016-12-10

  • Ben will run the meeting.
  • We’ll sum up the rules discussion that we have on the forums.


GregoryAveryWeir GregoryAveryWeir

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