Mea Culpa

The Silver Scream

At the end of the previous session, Kartesh Fartouch, K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke), David “Davey” Anne Smith, Myria Swan (background), and Mx. Hood returned to Mea Culpa to find that things weren’t the way they left them. Security was raised in various areas. Station personnel posted in public areas, and some were even armed with stunners. Burrke did some looking and found that defensive weapons were being more commonly purchased on the grey market, Mx. Hood found that attendance issues were happening at the University, and Davey spent some time getting to know Victor the Riker who turned out to be ‘keeping the peace’ in the bar from disruptive humans. Apparently while they were gone, something had instigated the humans on the station to be more violent towards non-human species.

Doing some digging, the group found that there were some spouts of violence, but also apathy. The stressful emotions and intermittent violence throughout the human population was leading to the various species self segregating to protect themselves. It seemed that the disruptive emotions were from the humans and directed at non-humans. A check of the ’Net confirmed that these issues seemed limited to Mea Culpa. Myria left the station to meet back up with the leviathan that was rounding Sol.

Starting with a medical angle, the rest of the group headed to one of the med bays to find a large group of Humans and Coil with some medical needs. It was uncovered that the territorial humans in an Inter-species league of basketball got into a fight with the Coil who came to practice on the courts as well. As they got a hasty appointment to talk to a psych doctor, Kartesh’s calming magic triggered another riot in the medbay. The group got their appointment information and fled with only minor injuries. The doctor turned out to be another Riker who had been brought in to help the psychological issues due to his experience with wartime psychology. Discussions with him lead to the realization that something had messed with the human ‘uncanny valley’ response and much of what was going on now was just systemic exposure to aggression in a confined area. The doctor recommended finding the initial cause, warning that it wasn’t a single exposure, but a series of smaller ones that lead to where the station is.

Heading to Sys Ops, one of Davey’s friends was willing to give them time on the computers and access to files, but seemed to be dealing with after effects of the med bay riot. Pulling up the files Sys Ops had gathered on suspected events and the list of all things connected, the group applied various ideas toward finding the pattern. The issues seemed to be in the weeks before Halloween, reaching a peak then. As the group sorted through information, a report popped up that Station security wanted to talk to the group regarding their involvement in the riot. Realizing they were running out of time, they grabbed data and quickly slipped away before anyone pointed out where they were.

Back at the University, they worked through the data looking to pin down the events. Davey reached out to one of her buddies who was really into Halloween and got some pictures of the big happenings that night. One of the movie posters gave her a chill that thrilled her, but Kartesh and Burke felt it was something deeper. Kartesh remembered that humans liked to scare themselves with the memories of the magical creatures they used to have on Earth. They realized that modern movies affected multiple senses and included subsonics and subpsionics. The movie poster was of the most popular movie this Halloween which turned out to be the body snatching horror film “They came from outer space”. It was designed to trigger human fears that ‘aliens’ were coming for them. The students who made the film seem to have outdone themselves and caused some sort of cascading reaction in the humans who watched the movie, leading to either mental exhaustion and apathy, or heightened paranoia, territorialism, and xenophobia.

Checking the ‘upcoming movies’, they found that the students were planning another horror film for Christmas: “Silent Night”. The group determined that they need to make a better movie of their own to counter the student’s production. By then the requests from Station Security had caught up to them and they made their way eventually to explain their side of what happened at the med bay. The station appreciated their information, especially when Mx. Hood gave their theory about what was happening on the station to cause the violence. The station said they would look into it.

(OOC key note: when we left, the party was planning to make their own movie to ‘top the box office’ and restore the normal balance of the station. I want to confirm that is the plan for next game, as opposed to trying to stop the students. They are very different plots to build and while I can do either, I love the idea of trying to build a movie.)


I vote for making a movie! And possibly recruiting away some of the students to make it harder for the original team.

The Silver Scream
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