Mea Culpa

Meeting 2016-12-10

Recorder: Melissa

Rules Changes

We reviewed the rules changes posted in the forum. The rules changes were accepted, but one question remained open: do we want to allow immunity to Edges/Strain on multiple defenses?

People also spent time updating their list of Edges and Resources.


As decided last schedule, game is cancelled on December 24. We will meet on January 7.

Additional Players

The group will start to think about potential new players for the game.

Plots for 2017-01-07

  • Gregory’s action plot “Null Delta-V”.

Agenda for 2017-01-07

  • Lucy will lead the meeting
  • Review additional rules changes (answer above question about multiple defenses, and review the clarification of “Incorruptible” and several Edges)
  • If made, review and use a new character sheet
  • Discuss any candidates to join the game.


GregoryAveryWeir MelissaAveryWeir

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