Mea Culpa

Finding Taunta

K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke), Mx. Hood, Kartesh Fartouch, and Myria Swan were intrigued by a missing entity notice posted in the local bar. After following up with the barkeep and learning that the notice was posted by one Ioleen, one of the Maw living on Mea Culpa, the group decided to seek her out and find out more about the missing entity.

Ioleen’s residence was located in the Maw Hall, a larger corridor populated by the Maw residing on Mea Culpa. Ioleen herself was distraught by the disappearance of Taunta but was alternately pleased to have some help from a friend (she realized that she knew K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke)) and offended by the line of questioning offered by Mx. Hood. The group assured her that they would find Taunta and departed with Taunta’s favorite pillow.

Myria Swan quickly engaged in some biological scanning to determine that Taunta’s genetic make-up (determined through examination of the hairs left on her pillow) was identical to the genetic make-up of the Maw, debunking the theory that Taunta was some sort of companion species. Meanwhile, the group went door-to-door in the Maw Hall and discovered that Taunta was the grandmother of Ioleen. They also discovered that it was extremely rare for Maw to reach such advanced ages and that Taunta was quite the anomaly. Some additional biological scanning determined that Taunta’s hairs were actually extremely versatile, strong, and flexible materials that might be valuable to some parties. Kartesh Fartouch was able to track Taunta to the market but found that her trail then evaporated.

Between Mx. Hood‘s access to university personnel and K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke)‘s connections with gray market dealers, the group was able to track down a university scientist dealing in rare textiles. They successfully located his lab and the illicit room beneath it. Many creatures, some of them sentient, were being kept in cages, most of them completely shorn. The scientist and a suspicious “graduate student” were found and confronted by Mx. Hood and K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke), while Kartesh Fartouch and Myria Swan set about freeing the imprisoned.

In the showdown that transpired, the scientist was held at bay by K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke)‘s weapon and Mx. Hood’s fierce intimidation tactics. The “graduate assistant” attempted to assassinate the scientist but was ultimately stopped. K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke) somehow wound up somewhat mauled by a large creature resembling a German shepherd.

In the end, the scientist revealed that he was funded by an organization know as EB Corp., which needed a material strong and flexible enough to build a space station larger than one currently known.


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