The Saiphim

Elusive race from Saiph in the Orion cluster that seem very interested in the trade of meats and fruits. An tentative sketch from Professor Eeeeeert showed them to be spider-like creatures. Traders have reported seeing Saiphim of a wide variety of sizes, all together.

All quasi-diplomatic communication with the Saiphim happens at a buoy out in the middle of nowhere, off the network. They have rudimentary translation tech that has helped traders and the other people work with them; for instance, Olufunmilayo carried a digital canvas that they could summon images, symbols, and simple words onto. Olufunmilayo didn’t verbalize, but were able to hear and interpret what the players said somehow.

When threatened, a small Saiphim in body armor can puff up/expand from the size of a teacup to the size of a soup bowl.

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The Saiphim

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