Plollan Marketplace

The Marketplace is a massive, famously exclusive trading post in the Plolla CY5 system. Approximately 5 km square, it’s a low-slung structure (merely 2.1 m/7 ft tall ceilings) containing zig-zagging rows of shops. Shops are primarily temporary structures that can be packed and moved, but some structures are more permanent.

The Marketplace is teeming with life. It’s a crush of bodies, stalls, smells, and noises. The crowd is always moving, and some shops are configured to make it easy to buy items (especially food) while not stopping. The air within the Marketplace is very poor quality — it’s thick and greasy/oily and full of the funk of so many people crushed into a small space.

Every ten hours, the Marketplace shuts down for two hours for maintenance. The air is purified (and yet remains unpleasant), the shops jockeyed for better opportunities by their owners, and the floors cleaned of most mess.

The outside edges of the Marketplace are lined with hotels/hostels (of varying degrees of luxury/cost) and ports for small ships. Visitors must make their way to the end of a row of shops to access a hotel.

The rest of the planet is not inhabitable by most known life forms. Its atmosphere is primarily composed of hydrogen, helium, and methane, and the entire planet is surrounded in a temporal bubble that condenses time at a rate of 1 day inside = 3 days off-planet.

The Marketplace is the only structure on the planet.

GM Notes

It should be quite difficult to navigate within the Marketplace. There is no index of shops, even with the rare resource of the Map. Shops will move during the downtime, and may move even when the Marketplace is operating.

Attacks from the Marketplace-as-an-Adversary may revolve around:

  • Confusing the PCs,
  • Jarring or disorienting effects of being in a time bubble,
  • Fatigue from the length of an intense search,
  • Pickpockets,
  • Hostility from xenophobic shopkeepers

Plollan Marketplace

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