Mea Culpa

Meeting Notes, March 3, 2018


  • Recorder: Melissa
  • Agenda:
    • Attributes: B has concerns about balance, math, and TPKs. J suggested getting rid of attribute numbers and going to tiers. We agreed to test the new rules in this story.
  • OOC: Greg and Melissa will generate a new version of the book
  • Plot: Time travel from Greg
  • Characters: Mx Hood has a new secret


  • Next session:
    • Finish time travel
    • Maybe a tiny pryxzod plot
    • Maybe a beach ep
    • Maybe Jim’s little story
  • Next sessions agenda? None.
  • Next person running? We didn’t decide!
Meeting notes, Feb 17, 2018



  • Not a new player, but maybe a new player – low key when Jim gets time/energy
  • Attribute scaling solution – unsolved as of yet
  • Alien page transformation – Gregorz will do it

OOC logistics & things unsaid

  • March 3 – Lucy is out
  • Majesty of Colors: Feb 28

Story goals and plots for the session

  • Acts 2 – 4 of Lucy’s magnificent story


What story do we want to pursue more and where do we want to take this session’s story?

  • This session’s story is dun!
  • Lucy will tell us when the sun explodes.
  • Greg: less nascent time travel plot
  • Melissa: see where we are in wmds
  • Jim: nascent plot

Next session’s agenda items

  • Attributes

Determine who runs the meeting


Meeting notes, Feb 3, 2018
  • Led by Brendan
  • Agenda:
    • New players: Jim has several candidates for new players! One in particular may be joining us on the 17th.
    • Greg will send Jim the latest rules.
    • We skipped talking about Attribute rules.
    • We will play this session with new Affliction rules for Adversaries: “The Adversary cannot gain a new Affliction for an Attack which targeted an existing Affliction.”
    • Several Traits that were interpreted as offering immunity received rewording to be clearer. Folks can swap out Traits to ones that fit their character better if they wish.


  • We’ll continue Lucy’s story next session
  • Greg will turn the Alien page into a table with physical descriptions.
  • Agenda:
    • Maybe a new player?
    • Attribute scaling solution

In the absence of having noted otherwise, Melissa will run the meeting. :-D

Meeting Notes 1/20/2018

We liked the new Affliction system.

Updated Attribute rules weren’t ready.

Jim has some candidates for new players.

Next agenda:

  • Discuss new Attribute rules
  • Discuss new limits on Adversary Afflictions.
  • Chat about the specifics of adding new folks via Jim.
Meeting notes 1/6/18

Mea Culpa 1/6/18

1. Affliction track change: there is no longer (for today) a connection between the stress box and the affliction. You can still only take one affliction per turn. If you target an affliction, you auto-hit but do one less stress. (If this works, Greg will write the rule.)
2. Plot for today: we continued the trial.
3. Plot for future: prixods.
4. New affliction system seems to work.
5. Agenda: maybe attributes
6. Meeting leader: Lucy

Meeting notes 12/23/17

Mea Culpa 12/23/17

  • New expert system with experts not taking afflictions
  • We would like to keep Jim

Things unsaid: Lucy proposes that we stop saying Space-Twitter or space-whatever. We can be more creative than that. Or in lieu of creativity just say the regular current day thing.

Plot: Greg will run a Christmas heist plot. Put off finishing the trial for next time. Unclear timeline.

Character intentions: what about playing second characters? How might this foster the idea of impermanence?

Next time, we plan to conclude the trial.

New expert system seems generally good! Next up: simplifying the affliction track.

Agenda for next time:
Tweaked affliction track

Meeting leader: Brendan Jan.6

Meeting, November 25


  1. Recorder: Melissa
  2. Agenda:
    1. Welcome Jim! (WELCOME!)
    2. Rules:
      1. One point from Adversary => # PC stress boxes of Extra/Expert
      2. Try this out this session and revisit in the closing
  3. OOC logistics:
    1. December 9 – Simon’s 15th birthday – Lucy not sure if she’ll be at game
    2. December 23 – not sure what’s going to happen that date. Brendan might be traveling.
  4. Story goals and plots:
    1. Gregory doing The Protean Child
  5. Character intentions:
    1. Davey revealed a secret last time; there might be some change this session
    2. Mx. Hood will not make anyone cry
    3. Kartesh is rethinking their past research because Davey turned out to be a hybrid


  1. Story to pursue: The Protean Child finale
  2. Advice:
    1. The new Extra/Experts system adds a lot of boxes. Gregory is stopping them from taking Afflictions next session.
  3. Next session’s agenda:
    1. Revisit E/E numbers at the end of next session
    2. Keep Jim
  4. Who’s running next meeting: Melissa
Who's That Lady?

Our pryxzod-smuggling trio K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke), Kartesh Fartouch, and David “Davey” Anne Smith were approached in their usual haunt by theoretical physicist Dr. Jetut, who was surprised to see Davey. They’d just been in a meeting together where Davey had requested all the technical details of the recent power drain on the station. It was strange for a medical doctor-turned-lawyer to want those details, but even stranger is that Jetut swore that Davey was wearing different pants in that meeting and that Davey had no recollection of that meeting or a pre-meeting “encounter” with Dr. Jetut.

The group immediately suspected that Davey (or all three of them) was caught in a time loop and hurried to the theoretical physicists’ meeting room to see if they could catch the so-called “alter-Davey”. They didn’t find alter-Davey, but Kartesh did catch her scent throughout the room.

The hunt was on.

They tracked alter-Davey through the station as she visited Davey’s office (only the computer seemed disturbed) and Davey’s quarters. Along the way, Davey received a call from Mother, who demanded that Davey visit a medical center for a scan. Davey’s recent visit home (which she had no recollection of) raised some… concerns about her health. Davey resisted the pressure, but was subdued.

Near Davey’s quarters, Kartesh lost Davey’s scent and picked up their own. It was a near-perfect match, but missing… something, possibly Kartesh’s “magic”.

Once Burrke called station security with the code for the “shapeshifters on the station”, security changed Davey’s system passwords. The group struggled to find ways to identify themselves to each other in a way the doppelganger couldn’t undermine. In the end, they came up with secret questions/answers and not letting each other out of their sights.

The group hunted alter-Kartesh throughout the system, leveraging their connections with station vendors and friends to track them to the station security office. Alter-Kartesh had turned themself in, claiming to be the original.

While station security questioned the group — Mother was turning Davey’s odd behavior into a diplomatic incident — alter-Kartesh left the security office and fled to Kartesh’s quarters, where they changed into Dr. Jetut and began searching Kartesh’s quarters for evidence.

The group caught up with the shapeshifter there, where they questioned alter-Jetut, learning that the shapeshifter was a spy in search of the pryxzods. They enjoyed the havoc they caused, even if it was a result of them having made a mistake by mimicking Davey.

They were taken away by station security, but the doppelganger seemed to have committed suicide while in guarded transit from Mea Culpa to the Entourage security command ship. There were no remains left behind and the shuttle sustained damage from the chemical used. The trio was advised to stay on pretty high alert for other doppelgangers or doppleganger-like behavior.

Meeting, November 11 2017


  • OOC Recorder: Gregory
  • Agenda
    • Recruitment: Jim will be joining us!
    • The “Action” part of LARP has been falling short. We decided to move around more!


  • Story for next time: Gregory, with The Protean Child
  • Next session’s agenda
    • Welcome Jim!
  • Who runs meeting? Brendan!
Meeting, October 28


  • Choose OOC recorder – Melissa
  • Agenda
    • Jim – Melissa will email
  • OOC logistics & things unsaid
    • None
  • Story goals and plots for the session
    • Gregory has a Halloween plot
  • Character intentions
    • Mx. Hood will be less scary in this plot


  • What story do we want to pursue more and where do we want to take this session’s story?
    • Species 31s are cool!
    • Pryxzods next session
  • Set next session’s agenda items
    • Recruitment
    • “A” part of LARP (we aren’t up and moving around enough)
  • Determine who runs the meeting
    • Brendan

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