Mea Culpa

Microscope, Session 1

Our basic premise for the game was that first contact with aliens collapsed human civilization but eventually led to galactic relevance.



  • Effective immortality
  • Unexplained supernatural events
  • Unaided crossbreeding between aliens
  • No history of sexual/racial oppression on Earth (aliens can have a legacy of such, but must have gotten over it)

First Focus

The fall of humanity (from Gregory)

The History So Far

  • Period: Humanity first becomes aware of Visitors; doesn’t handle it well (Start) ◍
    • Event: Humanity investigates the visitor. ○
      • Scene: What were the first words broadcast by the first humans to see the Visitor craft with their naked eyes? | Set in the Diplomat vessel, with astronauts | “Parts of the Visitor are engaging in something of a dance. We are trying to mimic.” ○
    • Event: Humanity’s governments attack the visitor. ◍
  • Period: Humanity becomes connected to the broader interstellar network. ○
  • Period: Widespread influx of interstellar tourists. ○
  • Period: Human scientists unlock the final key to biological transcendence. Humanity leaves behind its shell. ○
  • Period: Humanity’s descendants send their own Visitor back to the past. (End) ◍
    • Event: The Last Human dies (tragi-hopeful) ○


Crew of the Diplomat: a pastor, Cmdr Suzy the comm tech, Cmdr Tarek the pilot, a medic/science officer

To the Diplomat, the Visitor seemed silent. It was a large shape surrounded by smaller, independent triangular shapes.

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