Mea Culpa

Meeting notes 12/23/17

Mea Culpa 12/23/17

  • New expert system with experts not taking afflictions
  • We would like to keep Jim

Things unsaid: Lucy proposes that we stop saying Space-Twitter or space-whatever. We can be more creative than that. Or in lieu of creativity just say the regular current day thing.

Plot: Greg will run a Christmas heist plot. Put off finishing the trial for next time. Unclear timeline.

Character intentions: what about playing second characters? How might this foster the idea of impermanence?

Next time, we plan to conclude the trial.

New expert system seems generally good! Next up: simplifying the affliction track.

Agenda for next time:
Tweaked affliction track

Meeting leader: Brendan Jan.6

Meeting, November 25


  1. Recorder: Melissa
  2. Agenda:
    1. Welcome Jim! (WELCOME!)
    2. Rules:
      1. One point from Adversary => # PC stress boxes of Extra/Expert
      2. Try this out this session and revisit in the closing
  3. OOC logistics:
    1. December 9 – Simon’s 15th birthday – Lucy not sure if she’ll be at game
    2. December 23 – not sure what’s going to happen that date. Brendan might be traveling.
  4. Story goals and plots:
    1. Gregory doing The Protean Child
  5. Character intentions:
    1. Davey revealed a secret last time; there might be some change this session
    2. Mx. Hood will not make anyone cry
    3. Kartesh is rethinking their past research because Davey turned out to be a hybrid


  1. Story to pursue: The Protean Child finale
  2. Advice:
    1. The new Extra/Experts system adds a lot of boxes. Gregory is stopping them from taking Afflictions next session.
  3. Next session’s agenda:
    1. Revisit E/E numbers at the end of next session
    2. Keep Jim
  4. Who’s running next meeting: Melissa
Who's That Lady?

Our pryxzod-smuggling trio K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke), Kartesh Fartouch, and David “Davey” Anne Smith were approached in their usual haunt by theoretical physicist Dr. Jetut, who was surprised to see Davey. They’d just been in a meeting together where Davey had requested all the technical details of the recent power drain on the station. It was strange for a medical doctor-turned-lawyer to want those details, but even stranger is that Jetut swore that Davey was wearing different pants in that meeting and that Davey had no recollection of that meeting or a pre-meeting “encounter” with Dr. Jetut.

The group immediately suspected that Davey (or all three of them) was caught in a time loop and hurried to the theoretical physicists’ meeting room to see if they could catch the so-called “alter-Davey”. They didn’t find alter-Davey, but Kartesh did catch her scent throughout the room.

The hunt was on.

They tracked alter-Davey through the station as she visited Davey’s office (only the computer seemed disturbed) and Davey’s quarters. Along the way, Davey received a call from Mother, who demanded that Davey visit a medical center for a scan. Davey’s recent visit home (which she had no recollection of) raised some… concerns about her health. Davey resisted the pressure, but was subdued.

Near Davey’s quarters, Kartesh lost Davey’s scent and picked up their own. It was a near-perfect match, but missing… something, possibly Kartesh’s “magic”.

Once Burrke called station security with the code for the “shapeshifters on the station”, security changed Davey’s system passwords. The group struggled to find ways to identify themselves to each other in a way the doppelganger couldn’t undermine. In the end, they came up with secret questions/answers and not letting each other out of their sights.

The group hunted alter-Kartesh throughout the system, leveraging their connections with station vendors and friends to track them to the station security office. Alter-Kartesh had turned themself in, claiming to be the original.

While station security questioned the group — Mother was turning Davey’s odd behavior into a diplomatic incident — alter-Kartesh left the security office and fled to Kartesh’s quarters, where they changed into Dr. Jetut and began searching Kartesh’s quarters for evidence.

The group caught up with the shapeshifter there, where they questioned alter-Jetut, learning that the shapeshifter was a spy in search of the pryxzods. They enjoyed the havoc they caused, even if it was a result of them having made a mistake by mimicking Davey.

They were taken away by station security, but the doppelganger seemed to have committed suicide while in guarded transit from Mea Culpa to the Entourage security command ship. There were no remains left behind and the shuttle sustained damage from the chemical used. The trio was advised to stay on pretty high alert for other doppelgangers or doppleganger-like behavior.

Meeting, November 11 2017


  • OOC Recorder: Gregory
  • Agenda
    • Recruitment: Jim will be joining us!
    • The “Action” part of LARP has been falling short. We decided to move around more!


  • Story for next time: Gregory, with The Protean Child
  • Next session’s agenda
    • Welcome Jim!
  • Who runs meeting? Brendan!
Meeting, October 28


  • Choose OOC recorder – Melissa
  • Agenda
    • Jim – Melissa will email
  • OOC logistics & things unsaid
    • None
  • Story goals and plots for the session
    • Gregory has a Halloween plot
  • Character intentions
    • Mx. Hood will be less scary in this plot


  • What story do we want to pursue more and where do we want to take this session’s story?
    • Species 31s are cool!
    • Pryxzods next session
  • Set next session’s agenda items
    • Recruitment
    • “A” part of LARP (we aren’t up and moving around enough)
  • Determine who runs the meeting
    • Brendan
31 Crows Called For Help

Kartesh Fartouch and Mx. Hood were having their usual drink and chat. They noticed the number “31” showing up places: a note on the bulletin board saying “31 NEEDS SOULS,” a children’s rhyme about a girl in trouble and 31 crows watching her. As they speculated about the meaning, they were contacted by Georgeanna Vikram.

The members of Species 31 in the Entourage had sent out a memetic request for assistance from humanoids. Because of the strange nature of the species’ communications, the diplomatic corps had very little information. They contacted the pair because they had a large amount of experience with less-humanoid species.

The pair traveled to Ship 31 in the Shiidoo. Mx. Hood asked the Shiidoo to communicate with the ship and, after a rapid exchange of signals, the ship informed them that 31 wished them to dock.

Inside the ship was a dark, monotonous labyrinth of damp, peaty-smelling hallways. The pair heard strange noises whenever they spoke and saw unsettling flickering of lights. Eventually, they spotted an orb-shaped creature racing through the halls. They followed and realized it was a maintenance entity; it was then attacked by an apparently-feral child who tore it open and started eating its biological innards.

The child told them that they were in a nightmare, and that she “[had] to eat or [she] would die.” They eventually got her to share that her name was Molly, something had happened to her Spacer ship, and she and “Robert” had ended up here, but that she needed to stay away from him because he was trying to keep her from eating.

The group eventually found Robert, an older spacer who was paranoid and claiming that the ship was doing things to everyone’s minds. The noises and sounds gradually became louder and louder until the group thought that the ship was trying to keep them captive. Just before the situation came to violence, Kartesh opened their mind and accepted the memetic message.

Species 31 wanted them to get home safely with the Spacer escape pod, which it turned out was being kept safe by the ship. Hood and Fartouch were able to notify Spacer salvage teams of the location of Robert’s ship’s disaster, and the group was able to leave with the escape pod in tow. The pair left with a rapport with Species 31: they communicated entirely in intention, not in facts, and seemed to require time to establish proper communication methods with each individual.

Molly and Robert were put into the care of medical staff and began their recovery.

Meeting, October 15, 2017

We are still talking about recruiting; Lissa is going to reach out to Jim.
Lucy will not be at the Oct. 28 game.
We did hold a game on Oct. 15 (hence these notes).
We finished the Through the Mirror Darkly.

Agenda for next game:
Greg runs next meeting

Meeting, September 30



  • Recruitment: no update
  • Things unsaid: Nothing to discuss about last

OOC logistics & things unsaid

  • Lissa’s surgery is pretty close to next game. We may game at their place.
  • On the 14th, Lucy might have an English conference.



  • We paused this conflict in an alternate world! We’ll resume it next time.

Brendan will run next session’s meeting.

The Bad Robot

Davey, Mx. Hood, and Kartesh were chatting in their usual cantina when they were approached by Moira, an android from Earth. She was very chummy — if a bit socially abrasive — but after she left the group noticed a “Wanted” poster offering a reward for an android matching her description to be awarded in Terran currency… and a sensor-helmet-clad “gargoyle” watching them.

The group discovered that Mother was leading a hunt for Moira because of “antisocial behavior.” The group hunted down Moira and discovered that her crime was due to unauthorized modification of vehicles. While Mx. Hood arranged for asylum and Kartesh investigated how Mother was keeping tabs on the station, Davey kept a corrupt constable busy with her inimitable charms.

When things started tipping Moira’s way, Mother fully committed and generated countless holographic avatars of herself to search the station directly. With Mx. Hood locked in a station saferoom with Moira and Davey cowed into silent terror by Mother, Kartesh destroyed the most threatening group of Mothers, providing enough time for the asylum request to go through and exhausting Mother’s at-hand resources.

Moira was granted residency on the station.

Meeting, September 16
In which every unsaid thing might have been said


Agenda Item

  • Recruitment: Melissa to follow-up with Jim

OOC Logistics and Things Unsaid

  • Melissa has surgery on October 10! They’ll probably miss the game on the 14th. The 28th is less certain.
  • Last session, we got completely stuck on some rules-related IC vs OOC items. The next time someone thinks a multi-sided Conflict might be appropriate, we should pause and diagram out the sides to gain consensus.
  • Last session, as part of the same segment of gameplay, we had some very strong emotions expressed, including raised voices. As a group, we agreed to use the X-card much more readily to interrupt an undesirable path in gameplay.
  • We’re also introducing a passive signal (prayer hands) for “this is getting too heated!”.
  • There’s been a trend of less preparation for OOC aspects of games — fewer meeting notes posted, the next person not knowing the agenda, not knowing what plots are being run, etc. Melissa has set up a bot in Discord to remind the group the Thursday before a game session to make sure people check in on these things.
  • Since folks have trouble with OP on their phones, Greg has offered to take GDocs posted to Discord and enter them into OP.



  • This session’s story is finished.
  • Lucy has a human magician plot ready.
  • Melissa will work on preparing the pryxzod plot.


  • Recruitment
  • Check in on our “things unsaid” from this session.

Gregory will run next session’s meeting.


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