Mx. Hood

Mysterious hooded figure with a little human girl as their speaker.


About 6’4". The Speaker is currently a human girl about 5 years old.

Previous Speakers

  1. A human girl about 7-8 years old
  2. A human boy about 4 years old


Q: Are all the instances of Mx Hood a single entity? (Kartesh Fartouch)
A: No, there are 1,201 Hoods. One (Keeper Soric) is around, often on the Shiidoo.

Q: How does Mx Hood acquire a new child? (K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke))
A: It’s a rather painful process that is a mixture of cybernetic and psychic connections. The child seems to cease to be an individual during that process.

Q: What is Mx. Hood’s purpose in life? (Psi-Nano-32)

Q: What happens to Speakers that survive to no longer be Speakers? (David “Davey” Anne Smith)

Q: Why are the Hoods in this universe? (K’t’k’prrk (Kateka Burrke))

Species: Mx Hood

Mx. Hood

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