Mea Culpa

The Bad Robot

Davey, Mx. Hood, and Kartesh were chatting in their usual cantina when they were approached by Moira, an android from Earth. She was very chummy — if a bit socially abrasive — but after she left the group noticed a “Wanted” poster offering a reward for an android matching her description to be awarded in Terran currency… and a sensor-helmet-clad “gargoyle” watching them.

The group discovered that Mother was leading a hunt for Moira because of “antisocial behavior.” The group hunted down Moira and discovered that her crime was due to unauthorized modification of vehicles. While Mx. Hood arranged for asylum and Kartesh investigated how Mother was keeping tabs on the station, Davey kept a corrupt constable busy with her inimitable charms.

When things started tipping Moira’s way, Mother fully committed and generated countless holographic avatars of herself to search the station directly. With Mx. Hood locked in a station saferoom with Moira and Davey cowed into silent terror by Mother, Kartesh destroyed the most threatening group of Mothers, providing enough time for the asylum request to go through and exhausting Mother’s at-hand resources.

Moira was granted residency on the station.


GregoryAveryWeir GregoryAveryWeir

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