Mea Culpa

Meeting, October 28


  • Choose OOC recorder – Melissa
  • Agenda
    • Jim – Melissa will email
  • OOC logistics & things unsaid
    • None
  • Story goals and plots for the session
    • Gregory has a Halloween plot
  • Character intentions
    • Mx. Hood will be less scary in this plot


  • What story do we want to pursue more and where do we want to take this session’s story?
    • Species 31s are cool!
    • Pryxzods next session
  • Set next session’s agenda items
    • Recruitment
    • “A” part of LARP (we aren’t up and moving around enough)
  • Determine who runs the meeting
    • Brendan


GregoryAveryWeir MelissaAveryWeir

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