Mea Culpa

Meeting, November 25


  1. Recorder: Melissa
  2. Agenda:
    1. Welcome Jim! (WELCOME!)
    2. Rules:
      1. One point from Adversary => # PC stress boxes of Extra/Expert
      2. Try this out this session and revisit in the closing
  3. OOC logistics:
    1. December 9 – Simon’s 15th birthday – Lucy not sure if she’ll be at game
    2. December 23 – not sure what’s going to happen that date. Brendan might be traveling.
  4. Story goals and plots:
    1. Gregory doing The Protean Child
  5. Character intentions:
    1. Davey revealed a secret last time; there might be some change this session
    2. Mx. Hood will not make anyone cry
    3. Kartesh is rethinking their past research because Davey turned out to be a hybrid


  1. Story to pursue: The Protean Child finale
  2. Advice:
    1. The new Extra/Experts system adds a lot of boxes. Gregory is stopping them from taking Afflictions next session.
  3. Next session’s agenda:
    1. Revisit E/E numbers at the end of next session
    2. Keep Jim
  4. Who’s running next meeting: Melissa


GregoryAveryWeir MelissaAveryWeir

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